$55,250.00 Awarded to High School Seniors

Mifflinburg – The Mifflinburg Area Community Scholarship Trust, Inc. recently provided $55,250 in scholarships to Mifflinburg Area High School seniors.  Twenty-five students were awarded the scholarships during the Annual Senior Awards program

This year the $4,000 Valedictorian Scholarship was awarded to Joshua Hauck and the $3,000 Salutatorian Scholarship was presented to Claire Hayes.

M.A.C.S.T. provides specialized scholarships with criteria designated by the founding sponsors. The winners of these were:  Rachel Erickson – the Christkindl Community Service Scholarship, Kellen Beck – the Kermit W. & Mary E. Dale & Sons Environmental Conservation Award, Tawyna Shrawder – the Mifflinburg FFA Recognition Scholarship, Troy Bingaman – the Robert L. Manotti, Sr. Wrestling Award, Kassidy Reedy – the H. Richard Ward, MD & Devin Ward Scholarship, and Cannon Griffith – the Charles “Skeet” Reidell Scholarship.  Jenna Haines received the George Burman Family Scholarship presented to a student who will be attending the Pennsylvania College of Technology.  Hannah Beachy and Claire Hayes were the first-time recipients of the Griffith Family Scholarships.  These awards are given to students entering a medical field of study.  Christopher Reber earned the Spangler/Turner Family Penn State Scholarship presented to a student entering the field of agriculture, engineering or science at PSU.  Two Rhoda K. Reidell-Fasano Scholarships were also presented. Sara Harter received one in the education field and Peyton Yocum in the field of science.

Nine students who are pursuing medical careers and completed a specialized application were awarded the Harold and Helen Evans Memorial Scholarship.  Honorees were Hannah Beachy, Kristi Benfield, Jenna Haines, Allison Heisey, Jenny Jiang, Jadyn Rothermel, Madison Walter, Sean Witmer, and Peyton Yocum.

Twelve members of the Mifflinburg Area High School Class of 2022 received M.A.C.S.T. scholarships.  Seniors receiving these were Kristi Benfield, Hannah Fee, Kira Hackenberg, Aaron Hackenberg, Joshua Hauck, Jenny Jiang, Nicholas Osborne, Jadyn Rothermel, Owen Sanders, Gabriel Stetler, Madison Walter, and Sean Witmer.

The Mifflinburg Area Community Scholarship Trust scholarships are available to Mifflinburg Area High seniors planning to continue their education at a post-secondary institution.  The scholarships are awarded based on application merit and criteria requested by the sponsors.