New Scholarships Offered by MACST for 2024

A new perpetual scholarship was approved at the regularly scheduled January Board of Directors meeting. The Joslyn Flickinger Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a female athlete with additional input from the Flickinger Family. Two new one-time scholarships will be awarded this year. They are The Beckley Scholarships. One will be awarded for field hockey and the second will be awarded for softball. Applicants must have competed in the sport for two years, and exemplified Academic proficiency, Passion and Dedication for the sport, Good Character, Integrity and Attitude, Leadership qualities, Respect for the game, teammates, and opponents. Recipients will be selected by the Beckey Family with coaching staff input.

A new MACST 4-year Scholarship will be awarded this year. It will be awarded to the best application. The award will not be based on GPA or Class rank. The scholarship will automatically be given to the winner for four consecutive years as long as the recipient completes a data sheet each year.